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Welcome to Easter Ross Vets!

We’re a family-run practice with a friendly atmosphere, and all of our team are dedicated to providing your animals (and you!) with the very best in professional service with a smile. We promise that we’ll always put your animals first, and pride ourselves on going the extra mile to give outstanding service.

Wherever you are in Easter Ross, expert care is never far away - with branches in Alness, Invergordon and Tain we provide veterinary cover for the whole district.

Paco and Abigail have been running the practice since 2007, and are always working to improve and increase the services we offer. They’d love to hear any feedback - the only way we know what we’re doing right (and what isn’t working so well) is if you tell us! So please leave us a review!

We hope you’re delighted with the care we can provide your animals and, on behalf of the whole team, we look forward to welcoming you in person!

Highest Standards of Care

At Easter Ross Vets we are very proud of the high standards of care we provide for your pets. You can have a real peace of mind that every pet is catered for, and treated by our professional team, as if they were their own.

Great Value

We know that the best veterinary care can be expensive, so we try to stay competitive without compromising on the wellbeing of your pets. Our extensive health plans provide even more value, helping you budget for preventative healthcare, such as check-ups, vaccination and parasite control.

Emergency 24hr Cover

Knowing your pet has round the clock veterinary care, should they need it in emergency can help put your mind to rest. We look after our own out of hours emergency cover, so you and your pet will always be seen by a familiar face.

Modern Facilities

Using modern facilities and equipment, means we can diagnose and treat your pets in the best of environments. We can rapidly get to the bottom of health problems with test results for bloods or x-ray, or simply make them feel comfortable during a routine consultation.

Large Animal

We are extremely proud to cater for our large animal clients and small holders alike. Our experienced vet team are dedicated to working alongside you to improve stock health and help ensure your farming or small holding businesses are at the peak of veterinary healthcare.


We are hugely proud to serve the Easter Ross area in the health, care and wellbeing for both small and large animals. Reliability is a big part of who we are as a practice, being there when you need us most, with expert, professional care.


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Help, I think my bitch might have been “caught” by a dog!

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Client Reviews

Here's what our happy customers have to say about us

  • Bob Bearington

    “I was very pleased with the service provided by the Invergordon practice. When I phoned they were very helpful and accomodating to the fact that I live 80 miles away and was travelling by train, offering to adjust their times for me, and letting my rabbits stay overnight.”

    Bob Bearington

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