If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to providing your animals with the best in professional service

Veterinary Surgeons

Ross Eunson - Clinical Director

Ross Eunson

Ross Eunson BVM&S MRCVS Clinical Director
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Chireille Scott - Vet

Chireille Scott

Chireille Scott BVETMED MRCVS Vet
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Ann Van Eetvelt - Vet

Ann Van Eetvelt

Ann Van Eetvelt MVetMet MRCVS Vet
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Claire McCall - Vet

Claire McCall

Claire McCall BVM&S MRCVS Vet
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Ealasaid Dick - Vet

Ealasaid Dick

Ealasaid Dick BVM&S MRCVS Vet
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Veterinary Nurses

Paula Morgan - Head Veterinary Nurse

Paula Morgan

Paula Morgan RVN Head Veterinary Nurse
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Joanne Clack - Veterinary Nurse

Joanne Clack

Joanne Clack RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Rebecca Higgot - Veterinary Nurse

Rebecca Higgot

Rebecca Higgot RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Gemma Hoe - Veterinary Nurse

Gemma Hoe

Gemma Hoe RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Hannah Lister - Veterinary Nurse

Hannah Lister

Hannah Lister  RVN ISFM CertFN Veterinary Nurse
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Administrative Team

Anna Mackay - Senior Administrator

Anna Mackay

Anna Mackay Senior Administrator
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Kelly Isaacs - Senior Administrator

Kelly Isaacs

Kelly Isaacs Senior Administrator
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Mandy Munro - Receptionist

Mandy Munro

Mandy Munro Receptionist
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Sapphie Burry - Receptionist

Sapphie Burry

Sapphie Burry Receptionist
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Stella Reynolds - Receptionist

Stella Reynolds

Stella Reynolds Receptionist
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Denise Easton - Receptionist

Denise Easton

Denise Easton Receptionist
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Shannon Mccandlish - Receptionist

Shannon Mccandlish

Shannon Mccandlish Receptionist
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Sam Mcfarlane - Receptionist

Sam Mcfarlane

Sam Mcfarlane Receptionist
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Sarah Clack - Receptionist

Sarah Clack

Sarah Clack Receptionist
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Rhonda Hobbs - Receptionist

Rhonda Hobbs

Rhonda Hobbs Receptionist
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Frances Robbins - ACA / Receptionist

Frances Robbins

Frances Robbins ACA / Receptionist
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