Good news for all farmers involved in HI HEALTH accreditation and those already having a Herd Health Plan (HHP), or thinking of making one.

Together with Hi Health, we have started to change from our fairly static, written and printed herd health plans, to interactive, web-based, herd health plans.

This system is developed by the farm vets and programmers of ‘My Healthy Herd’ and will allow farmers to do a lot more than ‘just read’ the herd health plan, usually only once a year…

The program and website are the result of 10+ years struggle and experience of cattle vets and farmers designing and working with herd health plans. The current program is not for computer geeks but for time-poor farmers and vets. It allows no-nonsense access and input by both farmers and their vets. The reports are in an easy to understand ‘traffic light style’ giving answers at a glance. Both parties are then able to read and digest the outcomes online before meeting to discuss the results.

The Bio-Security and Disease Risk Assessments and the resulting Herd Health Plans can then be printed off and discussed.

For more information and to register go to http://www.myhealthyherd.com

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