We like to maintain good relations with both client and pet, so after seeing you for the initial vaccination course, we invite you back for a free clinical examination and a cuddle!

This check allows us to monitor your pet’s development, and gives you a chance to ask questions or express any concerns. Another important aspect of this visit is that your pet can have a positive experience in the practice. If you later need to bring your pet in due to illness, their previous fun and stress free visit can help alleviate any anxiety and enable us to examine your pet fully in a relaxed manner. We will offer advice at this stage on health issues such as neutering, worming, dental care and diet as well as behaviour or training issues to help make sure that he or she continues to develop into a well adjusted, healthy, happy pet.

You are of course welcome to pop in any time to familiarise yourself and your pet with the practice and staff and to use the weighing scales if you wish.