Mandy Munro

Administrative Team

Mandy Munro - Receptionist
Mandy Munro Receptionist

Started at ERV: Tain Branch, 2001

Favourite part of job: Mandy likes meeting all the clients and their pets. She particularly enjoys listening to the owners tell us all the mischievous antics that their cheeky pets get up to!

Interests/hobbies: Mandy’s pass-times include horse-riding, dog walking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Pets: Mandy has many, many pets! Too many for an accurate count! She definitely has 4 horses and 10 dogs. Then there are the chickens, the goats, the sheep, the cows, etc, etc ….

Other: Mandy says that it is always good to chat to the farmers when they come into the Practice to keep up with the local news from within the farming community.