‘Unexpected Empties?’

Toxoplasmosis is the main infectious cause of early embryo loss in sheep and a common cause of barrenness, abortion and weak lambs born alive, so what can we do to help?

Available until 31st March, the 2012 Barren Ewe Check (sponsored by MSD) will enable us to confirm if your flock has Toxoplasmosis for just the cost of the visit and taking the blood samples – no laboratory fees!

If your scanning or lambing rate is disappointing this year and you are not already vaccinating against Toxoplasma, then this is the chance to affectively rule out or confirm this disease in your flock.

The offer is available to breeders with flocks of 100 or more breeding ewes.

Once the blood samples are collected, ‘on top’ of the Toxoplasmosis test, the same samples can also be used for checking copper, cobalt and/or selenium levels.

Knowing where you stand is better than guessing!

Contact the practice today for further information and to arrange your visit.