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We are welcoming the news from Government that we will see new legislation in place from April 2016, stating that it will be compulsory for all dogs to be identifiable by microchip. This is hoped to be a step towards promoting responsible pet ownership, and helping to reduce the numbers of lost and abandoned dogs found every year.

The microchip is inserted under the skin, by needle, at the shoulder blades. It is a very quick procedure, and at Easter Ross Vets we use the smallest needle and the most modern chip available. 
The unique identification number is then recorded along with your dog's name, description, and your address and contact details.
In the unfortunate situation that your dog is lost, with a microchip in place he/she can easily be scanned for their unique identification number. The Vet or Police Officer or Dog Home/Warden who scan your dog will then contact the National Database, and you can be re-united!
It is important to remember to contact the Database yourself to update any changes in your contact details.

To have your dog chipped, please phone for an appointment at any of our three branches, and it can be done at a time to suit you by one of our Vets or Veterinary Nurses.
Alternatively, if your dog is due to come in for surgery, such as neutering or a dental, we can insert the chip whilst they are anaesthetised.