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Brodie the Beagle


FREE New Pet Check 


Following a search online for local vets, Brodie's owners called to register their brand new puppy and made an appointment for his FREE New Pet Check.


It's no coincidence that there appears to be more team members at reception when there's a puppy or kitten in the practice!  We all enjoy meeting new additions to any family and always try to make sure they enjoy their visit.  Brodie was no exception to this.


When Brodie arrived at the practice we checked his details and then weighed him.  At 8 weeks old, Brodie weighed in at a very healthy 4.4kg.


It's important that we record Brodie's weight each time he visits, not only do we require it for prescribing medications including worm treatments, flea and tick treatments etc, but if in the future Brodie appeared to unexpectedly lose weight it could be an early indication of a number of underlying conditions.


Obesity is also an increasingly common problem and poses a very serious health risk to any pet.  Our Registered Veterinary Nurses are happy to monitor and advise on any weight issues through their FREE weight clinics.  We then introduced Brodie and his owners to Paco our Practice Principal who gave Brodie his health check.


During any pets check New Pet Check the vet will perform a full clinical examination.  This includes checking for cleft palate, a heart mumour, ear mites, fleas, evidence of worms, a hernia, and congenital defects.  Paco also spoke to Brodie's owners about diet, toilet training and behaviour.  Brodie's owners had done their homework and Paco gave him a clean bill of health - he is settling in with his new family nicely!  All was well and we could go ahead to book Brodie in for his first vaccination.





At reception Gill made an appointment for Brodie's first vaccination and suggested that Brodie join our Pet Health Plan.  Veterinary approved vaccinations, worm treatments, flea and tick treatments, and microchipping are essential for the well-being of any pet.  Our Pet Health Plan is an easy way to budget for these costs and save over 10% on preventative products.  Monthly payments start at only £11.83.


It is important to find out from a breeder before purchasing a puppy what food they have been fed on until this point.  Then if any changed are required, a quality puppy food can be gradually introduced.


We stock high quality puppy, junior, adult and senior feed in each of our branches, ensuring dogs are fed an appropriate life stage diet.  Our complete puppy feeds contain all minerals, vitamins and essential ingredients that your puppy needs to maintain their wellbeing and promote healthy development until they are six months old.


Brodie seemed positively overwhelmed and tired after all the excitement and left the practice looking forward to a mid-day snooze.


Brodie's next visit to the practice will be for his first vaccinations.  We all look forward to seeing him again soon!