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We strongly recommend you microchip your pet.  It's the best way to protect against accidental loss and to ensure your pets safe return.


A microchip is a quick and permanent method of identification for your pet and links it directly to you.  Unlike a collar or tag, it cannot be lost!


Microchipping is a simple procedure that can be carried out by either our vets or nurses and during a normal appointment.


At Easter Ross Vets we use the smallest microchips available on the market (See comparison below).  These are ideal for kitten and puppies and small animals.



At the time of the appointment we will complete a registration form with you to ensure we have your  contact details and will then register the microchip online with Petlog, the UK's largest database for microchipped pets.


If your pet is already microchipped it is important to keep your contact details up to date with the register.  Call 0844 4633 999 to check your click here and check them online. 






How does is work?


If your pet has a microchip and is lost contact Petlog immediately - 0844 4633 999


Your pet is found by a member of the public and taken to the vets, picked up by SSPCA or the Dog Warden and scanned for a microchip.


Vets/SSPCA/Dog Warden contact Petlog for your details.


You are contacted and reunited with your pet!

Microchipping is included completely free of charge in our Pet Health Plan for puppies and kittens. Adult dogs and cats on our Pet Health Plan receive 15% off!